Arriving at GlamVan Camping

The campsite is self check-in however, if you would like a meet and greet or have your campfire started for you before you arrive (fire restrictions permitting), please let me know.

Entrance – The entrance to GlamVan Camping is located 300 metres up the road from the farm address: 501 Winfields Rd, Laharum VIC 3401. Use the address for GPS navigation and follow the signs when you arrive (see photos below). The entrance to the campsite will be open. No key is required for the gates; they can remain open during your stay.

Road access – Winfields Rd is a dirt road accessible in all weather. Note: some dirt roads in this area are not all-weather roads. They are clearly signposted. The campsite is only a 5-minute drive from the Western Highway, the closest main road.

Navigation maps – It is recommended to download an offline version of your app map as the campsite area operates off Telstra 4G mobile connection and can be patchy at times, particularly during holiday periods when more people are in the area.


Address: 501 Winfields Rd, Laharum VIC 3404
Gate entrance: The entrance to the campsite is located 300 metres from the address above

Gate entrance

For map navigation, use the address 501 Winfields Rd Laharum VIC 3401. Once there, you will see signage for the campsite entrance which is located 300 metres from the main gate.

Gate signage at 501 Winfields Rd, Laharum

This is the gate you will arrive at first. Follow the sign to the campsite entrance, which is 300 metres up the road.

Gate entrance signage at 501 Windfields Rd

Entrance to the GlamVan Camping

This is the signage you will see at the gate for the campsite. The gate will be open when you arrive and can remain open during your stay.

Gate entrance signage at GlamVan Campsite